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Selling or buying a home can be a complicated and overwhelming endeavor. That’s why we strongly recommend the assistance of a Real Estate professional, and that’s why such a high percentage of active buyers are already working with one.

However, if you can do the hard work of finding your own buyer, then we can help you to get the transaction closed, and closed right.

If you are thinking of selling on your own, a good place to start would be to give us a call to discuss the process. We can explain typical seller responsibilities, the resources available to help you, and put together a detailed breakdown of what you can expect in terms of “normal” seller costs, like title insurance.

There is absolutely no charge for this information and we are happy to help you in any way that we can. Especially to answer questions and spell out costs up front.

Once you have found a buyer we will:

1) Search and provide the required evidence of title to all parties

2) Order needed municipal records (special assessment/tax letters)

3) See to the preparation of the legal documents needed to transfer Ownership

4) Prepare Closing Statements based on the specific terms of your agreement with the Buyer. The Closing Statements will detail the amount due from the buyer and the net amount due to seller after payment of settlement expenses.

5) Attend closing with you or in your behalf to make sure that your title and closing obligations have all been met.

In short, you find a buyer and we’ll handle pretty much everything else!

Of course we would also be happy to provide you with contact information for either legal counsel or assistance with your sale, should you want them.

Sellers, make the smart choice! Trust the local experts at Matrix Title to guide you through every step in the closing process. We know how to get you from “Accepted Offer” to “Sold” and we look forward to helping you with your sale!

Our Mission:

Deliver the world’s greatest title and closing experience. Every customer. Every transaction. Every day.

Our Philosophy:

Locally owned, family owned, and independent means that we work for you, and answer only to you, our client. ALL decisions are made locally, based solely on the specific demands of our markets, and on the individual needs of each of our clients.

Our Promise:

We are fast, fair, friendly and safe. Nothing is more important to us than you and the success of your transaction.